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Tin (Sn) Metal

Tin (Sn) is a silvery-white, lustrous, malleable, ductile metal that changes slowly to a more brittle form below 55°F (13°C). Tin’s chemical resistance and ability to be highly polished make it useful for coating other metals to prevent corrosion.

Tin Powder is available in a near-teardrop particle shape.
Tin nanopowder is available in a spherical particle shape.
Purity >99.5% tin; Apparent density 2.0 g/cc to 4.0 g/cc
Typical Applications

Tin Metal is used in producing electronic valves and food packaging for distilled water, beer, and carbonated drinks. Alloys of tin are important, such as soft solder, pewter, bronze, and phosphor bronze. It is used in storage tanks for pharmaceutical and chemical solutions, capacitors electrodes, fuse wires, ammunition, tinned iron sheets to protect victuals, sweets or tobacco, etc. Tin powder is also used in additive manufacturing applications.

Packaging Options

Drums, steel pails, bulk bags


Tin (Sn) Metal TSCA (SARA Title III) Status: Acute = Yes
For further information, please call the EPA Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention (OCSPP) at 202-564-2902
Tin (Sn) Metal CAS Number: 7440-31-5
Tin (Sn) Metal ICSC Number: 1535
Tin (Sn) Metal European Community Number: 231-141-8

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  • Tin Powder is Available From -100 Mesh (<150 µm) to -325 Mesh (<45 µm)
  • Tin Nanopowder is Available From 500 nm to 60 - 80 nm
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