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Toll Packaging

In tandem with our toll processing services, we offer full-service contract packaging of inorganic and organic coarse granules, fine powders, creams, and pastes. We also offer contract custom packaging and custom labeling for dry chemical powders and solids.

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chemical transport barrels

Packaging Services

Reade has the capability to package inorganic coarse granules, fine powders, creams, and pastes. Our powder filling lines package free flowing and some caking type materials. We also have the capability of filling powders into water soluble and biodegradable bags for special applications needs.

Powder Filling Limits: From 4 ounce to 3,000 pound containers
Bulk Fill & Repackage
Small & Large Quantities
Proximity Warehousing

Available Packaging

Reade offers a wide range of packaging options in small and large quantities, including powder filling capabilities from 4 ounces to 3,000 pound containers. We can also offer bulk filling and repackaging.

Ampoules and vials


Blister packs

Capsules (Hard-shell and Soft gel)

Drums (fiber, plastic & steel)

Fiberboard containers

Mailable pouches




Skin pack

Strip pack

Super sacks / bulk bags


Thermoform blisters (Tablets and Capsules)


Water soluble film packaging