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Rhodium (Rh) Metal

Rhodium (Rh) is a silvery-white metal in the platinum group. It has a very reflective surface. It is very hard, durable, and highly resistant to corrosion. It is harder and has a higher melting point than platinum and palladium, making it a useful hardening element in alloying. Rhodium has the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of the group.

Purities Available: 99.8% to 99.95%
Typical Applications

Rhodium is a highly useful catalyst in several industrial processes, with its major use in catalytic converters for cars where it reduces nitrogen oxides in exhaust gases. Its reflective nature finds it useful in the jewelry industry, and it is used to coat optic fibers and optical mirrors and for crucibles, thermocouple elements, and headlight reflectors.
Its low electrical resistance and corrosion resistance make it useful as an electrical contact material.

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Jars and Drums


Rhodium (Rh) Metal TSCA (SARA Title III) Status: Yes
For further information, please call the EPA, Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention (OCSPP) at 202-564-2902
Rhodium (Rh) Metal CAS Number: 7440-16-6
Rhodium (Rh) European Community Number: 231-125-0 (Listing)
The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH): Guide to Hazards of Rhodium
U.S. National Library of Medicine (NIH): Substance Listing.

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Specifications Available

  • Rhodium (Rh) Metal - Foil
  • Rhodium (Rh) Metal - Powder
  • Rhodium (Rh) Metal - Rod
  • Rhodium (Rh) Metal - Slug
  • Rhodium (Rh) Metal - Sputtering Target
  • Rhodium (Rh) Metal - Wire

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  • Rhodium Powder Sponge ≥ 99.9% (Trace Metals Basis)
  • Rhodium Powder -100 Mesh
  • Rhodium Powder -200 Mesh
  • Rhodium Powder -325 Mesh

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