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Magnesium (Mg) Powder

Magnesium (Mg) Powder is a light, moderately hard, silvery-white metal that ignites easily in the air and burns with a bright light. It is strong, has good heat dissipation and dampening, and is easy to weld, forge, cast or machine. It can improve the mechanical, fabrication, and welding characteristics when used as an alloying agent since it has a low density and is the lightest structural metal (a third lighter than aluminum). It also has good electrical properties.

99.95% (“ultra-pure” magnesium)
99.8% (“pure” magnesium)
99.7% or less (alloyed magnesium)
Typical Applications

Magnesium acts as a reducing agent in organic chemistry and is used in organometallic compound production, and for Grignard reactions. They are used for ductile iron manufacturing, hot metal steel desulfurization, pyrotechnics, and pharmaceutical applications.

Packaging Options

Steel drums, fiber drums, bulk bins

Steel drums, fiber drums, bulk bins

Magnesium (Mg) Powder TSCA (SARA Title III) Status: Acute = Yes
For further information, please call the EPA, Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention (OCSPP) at 202-564-2902
Magnesium (Mg) Powder CAS Number: 7439-95-4
Magnesium (Mg) Powder UN Number: 1418
Magnesium (Mg) Powder European Community Number: 231-104-6
U.S. National Library of Medicine (NIH): Substance Listing

Sustainable Qualities

Magnesium Powder is a sustainable material that can contribute to a circular economy. It is sourced from natural minerals and is abundant in the Earth’s crust, making it a renewable resource. Furthermore, Magnesium Powder production requires less energy than other metals, resulting in a lower Carbon footprint. Magnesium Powder can also be recycled at the end of its useful life, reducing waste and promoting a circular economy. Its unique properties, including its light weight and high strength-to-weight ratio, make it a popular choice in various applications, such as aerospace, automotive, and electronics industries.

Using Magnesium Powder can help reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing and promote a circular economy. Its sustainable sourcing, low energy production, and recyclability make it an attractive option for industries looking to reduce their environmental footprint while maintaining high performance and quality standards.

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Specifications Available

  • Magnesium (Mg) Powder - Mil-Spec
  • Magnesium (Mg) Powder - RMC

Select Mil-Spec

  • Defence Standard 13-130
  • MIL-M-382 (MIL-DTL-382)
  • MIL-P-14067 (MIL-DTL-14067)

Select RMC

  • -80 (-80 Mesh, -180 µm)
  • -100/200 (100 to 200 Mesh, 150 to 75 µm)
  • -100 (-100 Mesh, -150 µm)
  • -200/325 (200 to 325 Mesh, 75 to 45 µm)
  • -200/325 BS* (200 to 325 Mesh, 75 to 45 µm)
  • -200 (-200 Mesh, -75 µm)
  • -200 BS* (-200 Mesh, -75 µm)
  • -325 (-325 Mesh, -45 µm)
  • -325 BS* (-325 Mesh, -45 µm)


  • Units
  • Pieces
  • Grams
  • Troy Ounces
  • Pounds
  • Kilograms
  • Metric Tons
  • Net Tons
  • Feet
  • Meters
  • Inches
  • Centimeters
  • Millimeters
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