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Raney Nickel (Nickel Aluminide) (NiAl)

Nickel aluminide (NiAl) is a sintered compound of nickel and aluminum that has good high-temperature heat, thermal shock, and oxidation resistance. It has a low density but sizable transverse rupture strength (twice that of cobalt-bonded titanium carbide) and has impact resistance better than most ceramic, intermetallic compounds, and some cermets. It is used for highly stressed parts in high-temperature equipment. The wire form of Raney nickel wire form is used for welding, flame coating, and hard surfacing. NiAl also is resistant to attack by molten glass and red and white fuming nitric acid.

Purity 99.0%
Typical Applications

Nickel aluminum is used in strengthening constituents in high-temperature nickel-base superalloys and coating blades in gas turbines and jet engines or other combustion chamber applications. Raney nickel also has possible uses in the glass-processing industry or high-temperature chemical processes.

Packaging Options

Jars, pails, drums, multi-ply paper bags, bulk bags, and fiberboard containers


Raney Nickel TSCA (SARA Title III) Status: unlisted
NiAl CAS Number: 12003-78-0

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  • -325 Mesh Powder
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