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Piezoelectric Alloy Powders

Reade’s piezoelectric alloy powders are ceramics that can generate a voltage in response to mechanical stress. The following categories of piezoelectric powder are available from Reade:
Bismuth Titanate (BiT)
Lead Titanate (PT)
Barium Titanate (BT)
Lead Metaniobate
Hard Lead Titanate Zirconate (Hard PZT )
Soft Lead Titanate Zirconate (Soft PZT)

“Soft” and “hard” piezo ceramics refer to dipole or domain mobility along with polarization and depolarization behavior. The use or application of the powder will determine which alloy powder is best. For example, soft piezoceramics with low polarity reversal field strengths are used for actuator applications, whereas a hard PZT material is used in high-power acoustic applications. Our lead-free piezo ceramics (BiT and BT) are used especially as ultrasonic transducers or crystalline actuator materials.
Piezoelectric Alloy Properties

Product Data Sheet

Complete data on all physical, piezoelectric, and elastic properties and time and temperature stability of all available Piezoelectric Alloy Powders

Typical Applications

Applications for soft piezoceramics are actuators for micropositioning and nanopositioning, sensors, such as conventional vibration detectors, ultrasonic transmitters, and receivers.
Applications for hard piezoceramics are high-power acoustics, including ultrasonic cleaning, machining of materials, ultrasonic processors, the medical sector, and sonar technology.
Applications for lead-free piezoceramics are ultrasonic transducers in the MHz range, sonar, and hydrophone applications.

Packaging Options

To customer specification


Piezoelectric Powder TSCA (SARA Title III) Status: Varies
For further information, please call the EPA Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention (OCSPP) at 202-564-2902.

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Specifications Available

  • Piezoelectric Alloy Powders - BiT
  • Piezoelectric Alloy Powders - BT
  • Piezoelectric Alloy Powders - Hard PZT
  • Piezoelectric Alloy Powders - Lead Metaniobate
  • Piezoelectric Alloy Powders - PT
  • Piezoelectric Alloy Powders - Soft PZT

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