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Ferro-Tic® Alloys

Ferro-Tic® is a family of steel or alloy-bonded carbides and a registered trademark of Ferro-Tic Inc. Extremely hard titanium carbide grains are uniformly distributed through a hardenable steel or alloy matrix. Ferro-Tic alloys are readily machinable in the annealed condition. After machining, they can be hardened up to 70 HRC. Seven different grades of Ferro-Tic® have been formulated to provide a variety of physical and mechanical properties depending on the operating environment. Ferro-Tic® alloys have outstanding properties to withstand the wear caused by corrosion and abrasion and outlast conventional tool steels by 10x. They increase parts’ lifetime and productivity via their superior wear resistance while being 10-20% lighter than their steel counterpart and about 50% lighter than tungsten carbide.
Typical Applications

Typical industrial applications for Ferro-Tic® Alloys include industrial knives, forming and cutting tools, draw dies, stamping dies, extrusion dies, and gages. Ferro-Tic has aerospace applications with hydraulic components, gas bearings, and valve seats.

Packaging Options




Typical Sizes

‘+.010″ to +.015″ on the diameter
+.03″ to +.09″ on the length
0.25″ Dia. x 6″ long
0.32″ Dia. x 6″ long
0.375″ Dia. x 6″ long
0.50″ Dia. x 6″ long
0.75 Dia. x 6″ long
0.875 Dia. x 6″ long
+.03″ to +.09″ on the diameter and length
1.0 Dia. x 13″ long
1.25″Dia. x 6″ long
1.375″ Dia. x 4.5″ long
2.0″ Dia. x 6.1″ long”

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