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Bronze (Cu:Sn) Powder

Bronze is an alloy made from copper and tin. Typically, bronze powder comprises 90% Copper (Cu) and 10% Tin (Sn). The bronze powder can be mixed with a binder to make metallic oil paint.

Pre-Alloy Bronze: Copper and tin that has been alloyed pre atomization and is available in irregular, semi-spherical, and spherical particle shape. The individual properties of the pre-alloy bronze products will vary with the different particle shapes.

PreMix Bronze: Premix bronze powders are a homogeneous mixture of copper, tin, graphite, iron, and lubricants, typically used for sintered bronze bearings and bushings.

White Bronze: White bronze is an alloy made from 60% copper and 40% tin alloy. It is an atomized bronze powder.
Typical Applications

It is often used in paint, fine art, and cosmetics. Bronze also sees applications in electrical hardware, vacuum dryers, and blenders. It can be used in the manufacturing of spark-resistant tools. White bronze is used in the decorative market such as coatings.

Packaging Options

50 lb. bags and drums


Bronze Powder CAS Number: N/A

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  • Bronze (Cu:Sn) Powder - Bronze Powder
  • Bronze (Cu:Sn) Powder - White Bronze Powder

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  • 80% Min. -325 Mesh


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