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Advanced Materials Require Advanced Solutions: How Toll Processing Services Can Benefit You

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How can toll processing/packaging help the advanced materials industry?

Making an advanced material is only half the battle. After a metal powder is produced, it needs to be processed and packaged, both of which require a completely different set of expertise and equipment from those needed for fabrication. Because of this, manufacturers are often stuck with a product that doesn’t exactly fit their production needs, possibly because the moisture level is too high, the particle size is too large, or the packaging isn’t suitable. Solving these problems in-house often requires the purchase of expensive specialized equipment, which would in turn, require developing new processes and training staff.

When a company does not have the capital or time to make such investments, toll processors can step in to process and package a customer’s product to their exact specifications. Toll processors already have the required equipment and experienced personnel on-hand, ready to process and package a variety of metal powders.

Why choose a toll processor?

Low minimum run requirement

Because the customer often supplies the materials to be processed/repackaged and the toll processor provides the equipment, toll processing typically has lower minimum run requirements than conventional processing. This is particularly helpful when launching a new product, as it can be financially risky to manufacture a large number of units in the initial run. This approach can also be beneficial if you are looking to test changes to a process, such as replacing a portion of a currently-used material for another one.

Technical expertise on-staff

Not all powders behave the same: some are free-flowing, while others easily cake. Toll processor staff are experts at processing and packaging a variety of powders. Using a toll processor takes the burden off your staff from learning new processes, allowing them to focus their efforts elsewhere. Developing new processes requires strict quality control, particularly ISO standards. A reputable toll processor will have ISO certifications that indicate stringent quality control over their procedures, ensuring that customers’ toll blending, milling, and grinding requirements are met safely and consistently.

Custom labeling and packaging options

All chemical products require specific packaging and labeling. Ideal toll packagers are familiar with different product requirements and know how to customize packaging for each product. This can be particularly important for specialty packaging requirements such as water-soluble or biodegradable bags.

No equipment investments

Toll processors already have the expensive specialty equipment necessary to process and package powders to a customer’s specifications. This can save valuable time by reducing extensively long lead times due to new equipment installation, staff training, and SOP development.

What services do toll processors offer?

Toll processors also supply a variety of metal powders and non-metal powders. They
also offer bespoke services to deliver custom-fabricated products that meet customers’

requirements, including size reduction and repackaging. They provide a variety of mill-
ing, screening/classifying, and drying services, such as:

Screening/ Classifying

  • Mechanical Air Classification
  • Air Classifier Milling
  • Drying


  • Jet Milling/Micronizing
  • Jaw Crushing
  • Hammer Milling
  • Universal Milling
  • Coarse Crushing/Pulverizing
  • Wet Media Milling


  • Fluid
  • Flash Drying

They also offer toll packaging services and can provide the following packaging for both large and small runs:

Available Packaging

Ampoules and Vials
Blister packs (tablets and capsules)
Capsules (hard-shell and soft gel)
Dose pack
Drums (fiber, plastic & steel)
Fiberboard containers
Mailable pouches
Multi-Packs (paper, plastic & mylar aluminum)
Skin pack
Strip pack
Super sacks/ bulk bags
Thermoform blisters (tablets and capsules)
Water soluble film packaging

If you’re being held back by a product or packaging that doesn’t quite meet your needs, or if you’ve hit a roadblock with your process and are facing low efficiency or delayed deliveries, let an experienced toll processor like Reade step in. Contact us to set up a consultation to discuss your material requirements and how we can create customized processing and packaging solutions for you!