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Zeolites, Natural and Synthetic

Zeolites are hydrated aluminosilicate minerals that contain exchangeable alkali and alkaline metals. They can be natural or synthetic. They are characterized by a framework structure that encloses interconnected cavities occupied by ion-exchangeable large metal cations and water molecules, permitting ion exchange and reversible dehydration.
They have pore structures, which create large effective surface areas, which gives them superior adsorptive and filtration qualities. They also have adjustable acidities, are thermally stable, and are reusable, making them active in various reactions.
Typical Chemical Analysis

SiO₂ = 61 to 67%
Al₂O₃ = 11 to 12.4%
Fe₂O₃ = 4.30 to 6.98%
CaO = 2.52 to 3.24%
Na₂O = 1.66 to 1.79%
K₂O = 1.85 to 2.07%
MgO = 1.54 to 1.64%
LOI = 8.41 to 9.30%

Typical Applications

Zeolites are used as catalysts in organic synthesis reactions. They are also used in water purification and softening, so Zeolites are used in detergent manufacturing.

Other uses include odor control, industrial absorbents, industrial fillers, gas absorption, soil remediation, wastewater filtration, a flocculating agent, animal feeds, hydroponics, molecular sieves, catalysts, desiccants, lightweight concrete, acoustics, and ceramics,

Packaging Options

10 kg. plastic bags, 1 MT super sacks, bulk truck or railcar


Zeolites, Natural & Synthetic TSCA (SARA Title III) Status: Unknown. For further information, please call the EPA Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention (OCSPP) At 202-564-2902
Zeolites, Natural & Synthetic CAS Number: 1318-02-1

Sustainable Qualities

Zeolites, both natural and synthetic, are sustainable materials due to their high porosity, which allows for efficient adsorption and separation of molecules. Their ability to selectively adsorb certain molecules can help reduce waste and pollution, contributing to a circular economy. Zeolites are also abundant in nature and can be synthesized from abundant materials, making them a cost-effective and sustainable choice for a range of applications, including catalysis and gas separation.

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  • Zeolites, Natural and Synthetic - Natural
  • Zeolites, Natural and Synthetic - Synthetic

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  • 100 Mesh and Finer
  • 200 Mesh and Finer
  • 80 Mesh and Finer
  • Minus 40 Plus 80 Mesh
  • Minus 6 Plus 40 Mesh


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