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Wollastonite (Calcium Metasilicate)

Wollastonite is a white to yellowish-brown naturally occurring calcium silicate mineral. It has good strength, firing characteristics, and the ability to reduce crazing. Natural wollastonite may contain trace or minor amounts of various metal ions. Wollastonite is an industrially important mineral. It is well-known for its good fluorescence. It also has low moisture and absorption properties.

Theoretical Composition:
CaO= 48.3%
SiO₂= 51.7%.

Typical Composition:
CaO= 47.0%
SiO₂= 50.0%

Typical Applications

Wollastonite is used as a source of silica and alkalis primarily in the production of ceramics. It is also used in friction products, such as brakes and clutches, wall tiles, as a paint filler, and in thermoplastics.
Wollastonite is also used as a soil conditioner, an additive to plant fertilizer, and wood composites.

Packaging Options

Drums, bulk bags, or loose bulk


Wollastonite (Calcium Metasilicate) TSCA (SARA Title III) Status: Not Listed
Please contact the EPA Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention (OCSPP) at 202-564-2902.\
Wollastonite (Calcium Metasilicate) CAS Number: 13983-17-0
Wollastonite (Calcium Metasilicate) Harmonized System Code: 253090

Sustainable Qualities

Wollastonite (Calcium Metasilicate) is a sustainable material due to its abundance in nature and low energy consumption in its extraction and production. It has a variety of industrial applications, including in ceramics, plastics, and construction materials. It contributes to a circular economy through its potential for reuse and recycling in these industries.

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