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Walnut Shell Powder

Crushed walnut Shell products including grains, flour, and powder, are biodegradable, non-toxic, and environmentally safe. They qualify as vegan and halal. The material is organic and has a harmonious light brown color and a neutral smell. It is the most common type of soft abrasive for industrial use.

English Walnut Shell Scientific Name: Juglans Regia
Black Walnut Shell Scientific Name: Juglans Nigra
Typical Applications

Walnut shells are an effective natural abrasive in sandblasting, polishing, and cleaning of hard materials such as metal, carbon fiber, concrete or hard plastic, without the need for additives. It is also a bio-ingredient for hygiene products, especially with surface cleaners.

Walnut Shell Flour has applications as a filtration media used to remove heavy metals, oil, or grease. It also has uses to separate fluids and as a filler of surface coatings, filler for reinforced plastics, and as an additive in industrial ceramics. Walnut shells can also act as a carrier for pesticides and herbicides and as a base powder and binder for fertilizers.

Walnut shell powder has cosmetics applications, mainly as an exfoliant; however, walnut shell powder can cause allergic reactions.

Packaging Options

The standard shell packaging is bagged in 50-pound 3-ply paper bags. Forty bags are normally stacked on a 40″ x 48″ four-way hardwood pallet. Packaging options include 250-pound fiber drum, 1,000-pound box, and a 2,000-pound mini-bulk bag.


Walnut Shell Media / Walnut Shell Grain TSCA (SARA Title III) Status: Not reportable under SARA 313. For further information, please call the E.P.A. Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention (OCSPP) at 202-564-2902

Sustainable Qualities

Walnut Shell Powder and granules are a sustainable material used in various applications such as abrasives, filters, and cleaning products. These materials are a byproduct of the food industry and are made from the shells of walnuts after the edible portion has been removed. The shells are ground into a fine powder or granules, providing an effective and eco-friendly alternative to synthetic abrasives or chemicals. Using these shells as a raw material for products helps to reduce waste and promotes a circular economy.
Using Walnut Shell Powder and granules in various applications can reduce dependence on non-renewable resources and minimize environmental impact. These materials are biodegradable, non-toxic, and sustainable, making them a responsible choice for a wide range of applications. The use of Walnut Shell Powder and granules also supports the circular economy by promoting the use of waste materials as raw materials, reducing waste, and conserving resources.

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Specifications Available

  • Walnut Shell Powder - 12/20 Black Walnut Shell Grades
  • Walnut Shell Powder - Cosmetic Grades English Walnut Shell
  • Walnut Shell Powder - Industrial Grades English Walnut Shell

Select 12/20 Black Walnut Shell Grades

  • GSA Specification: AA-1722 Type 2
  • Military Specification: MIL-G-5634C Type 3

Select Cosmetic Grades English Walnut Shell

  • -325
  • -200
  • -100
  • 10.5
  • 35/60
  • 40/100
  • 40/60
  • 60/100
  • 60/200
  • 70/200

Select Industrial Grades English Walnut Shell

  • 4/6
  • 6/10
  • 8/12
  • 6/20
  • 12/20
  • 14/30
  • 18/40
  • 20/40
  • 35/60
  • 40/60
  • 40/100
  • 60/100


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  • Pieces
  • Grams
  • Troy Ounces
  • Pounds
  • Kilograms
  • Metric Tons
  • Net Tons
  • Feet
  • Meters
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  • Centimeters
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