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Titanium(IV) Oxide (TiO₂) (Rutile Grade)

Rutile Titanium(IV) Oxide, also known as Titanium Dioxide, is the most common form of TiO₂. It is the oxide mineral form. Rutile has a high refractive index at visible wavelengths and can absorb UV light. Titanium dioxide is an odorless, absorbent, and one of the most widely used pigments in powder form for whiteness and opacity.
Purity ≥99.4%
Typical Applications

Rutile is the preferred source of titanium ore. Titanium Dioxide is primarily used to produce paints, printing inks, rubber, glass, cosmetics, soap, plastics, and paper. Rutile has uses in porcelain, ceramics, and glass manufacturing as a coloring agent and similar uses in making some steels and copper alloys. Nanoparticle size TiO₂ has uses in healthcare, cosmetics, optics, and electronics.

Packaging Options

Jars, pails, drums, multi-ply paper bags, bulk bags, and fiberboard containers


Titanium Dioxide Powder (Rutile Grade) (TiO₂) TSCA (SARA Title III) Status: CDC Listing. For further information, please call the EPA Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention (OCSPP) at 202-564-2902.
Titanium Dioxide Powder (Rutile Grade) (TiO₂) CAS Number: 1317-80-2
Safety Data Sheet: Contact READE for the latest SDS
Additional Safety Information:
ICSC Number 0338
EC Number 236-675-5

Sustainable Qualities

Titanium (IV) Oxide (TiO₂) (Rutile Grade) is another sustainable material widely used in various applications, including paint, coatings, and pigments. It is a naturally occurring mineral that is abundant in the earth’s crust and can be extracted and processed using sustainable methods. TiO₂ (Rutile Grade) is also recyclable and can be reused in manufacturing processes, contributing to a circular economy.

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  • 3-5 Microns
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