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Sol-Gel Materials

Sols are colloidal suspensions of small (<250nm) material particles within a solution and are typically composed of metal oxides. Through various processing steps, colloidal particles within the suspensions can be converted into gel-like networks by removing the solvent from the sol to cause the particles to “bridge” with themselves. Using sols and the sol-gel process, it is possible to fabricate advanced materials in various forms: ultrafine or spherical-shaped powders, thin film coatings, fibers, porous or dense materials, and extremely porous aerogel material.

Visit the specifications available to see the most popular Sols sold by Reade. Additional metal oxides and dispersions are available upon request.
Typical Applications

Sol-Gels are used to make protective coatings, thin films, fibers, and can be a precursor for producing nano-powders. For this reason, sol-gels find applications in electro-optic components, piezoelectric devices, resistors, and biomedical uses (biosensors, catalyst support, and optomechanical uses).

Packaging Options

In bottles, fully dispersed in water


Varies. Depends on metal oxide.

Sustainable Qualities

Sol-Gel is considered sustainable due to its low environmental impact and energy consumption during production. It is a versatile and efficient method of creating materials with tailored properties for various applications such as optics, catalysis, and sensing. Additionally, sol-gel technology promotes the circular economy by enabling the use of waste materials as precursors, thereby reducing waste and conserving natural resources. Sol-Gel-Derived Materials can also be recycled at the end of their useful life, further contributing to a more sustainable future.

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  • Gd2O3, 99.9%, 10-100 nm, Cubic, 60ml-20wt% Fully Dispersed in Water
  • Nd2O3, 99.9%, 30-45 nm, 120ml-20wt% Fully Dispersed in Water
  • Pr6O11, 99.9%, 15-55 nm, 120ml-20wt% Fully Dispersed in Water
  • Sm2O3, 99.95%, 15-45 nm, 120ml-20wt% Fully Dispersed in Water


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