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Pumice Powder

Pumice, amorphous aluminum silicate, is a very light colored, frothy volcanic rock that is formed from lava full of gas. It is very light and can float on water. Pumice is amorphous and is generally inert with a neutral pH. Due to its porous nature, pumice is amazingly lightweight. However, it is easily crushed and refined without losing its utility at any grade. Pumice is a sustainable and abundant resource.
Detailed Particle Size Information

Available in 16 different granulations from very coarse granules (4.75 mm and finer) to very fine powders (45 microns and finer)
“Micro-Fine 5” (d90 of 5µm)

”Micro-Fine 10” (d90 of 10µm)

Typical Chemical Analysis

Silicon Dioxide = 76.2%
Aluminum Oxide = 13.5%
Ferric Oxide = 1.1%
Ferrous Oxide = 0.1%
Sodium Oxide = 1.6%
Potassium Oxide = 1.8%
Calcium Oxide = 0.8%
Titanium Oxide = 0.2%
Magnesium Oxide = 0.05%
Moisture = <1.0% Crystalline SiO₂ = None Detected

Typical Physical Properties

Appearance – White powder
Hardness (MOHS): 6
pH – 7.2
Radioactivity – None
Softening Point – 900 degrees C
Water Soluble Substances – 0.15%
Loss on Ignition – 5%
GE Brightness – 84
Specific Gravity – 2.4
Reactivity – Inert

Typical Applications

Pumice is widely used for the following applications.
Concrete—lightweight aggregate and sand, concrete pozzolan (SCM).
Abrasives—sand blast grit, shaped pumice scrubbing and exfoliating stones, polishing and tumbling grit.
Lightweight Aggregate—lightweight concretes, precast stone veneers, plaster sand, mortar sand, geotechnical ­fills, concrete masonry units (CMUs).
Exfoliants—cosmetics, hand cleaners.
Filtration—Water treatment ­filtration media, engineered bio­tration soils.
Horticultural—soil amendment, soilless grow media, compost amender.
Texturizing Grit—in-suspension grit for primers, paints, and industrial coatings.
Livestock and Pets—dust bathing, chew stones, shaped grooming stones, con­ned-space moisture control. Functional
Filler—non-crystalline silica (micronized) for paints, coatings, rubber compounds.

Packaging Options

1 to 55 lb [0.45 to 25 kg] bags, boxes, pails, jars—depending on grade
Up to 2200 lb [998 kg] super sacks (palleted)
Bulk shipped in rail car or tractor-trailer

Sustainable Qualities

Pumice Powder is a sustainable and bio-based material that is ideal for a variety of applications. Pumice is a naturally occurring volcanic rock formed when lava cools quickly and traps gas bubbles within the rock. The resulting material is lightweight, porous, and highly absorbent, making it an ideal choice for a range of applications, from construction to skincare. Using Pumice Powder can reduce our reliance on non-renewable resources and create a more sustainable, circular economy.

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  • Granulations 4.75mm -45mm
  • Micro-Fine 10" (d90 of 10µm)
  • Micro-Fine 5" (d90 of 5µm)


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