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Nanoclay Powder

Nanoclays, also known as Montmorillonite, Bentonite, and Smectite, are non-metallic clays primarily composed of hydrated sodium calcium aluminum silicate. This clay mineral has a 2:1 expanding crystal lattice that allows water to move between the sheets, giving it very plastic properties, as they can swell or shrink as water accumulates or leaves between the layers. Their volume can increase up to six times by water absorption and form stable gels.

Reade offers hydrophilic bentonite Nanoclay. H2Al2O6Si
Typical Applications

Nanoclays are used to slow the progress of water through soil or rocks and in drilling muds to give the water greater viscosity. Nanoclays are the most commonly used commercial additive for preparing nanocomposites, accounting for nearly 80% of the volume. They are used as an absorbent to purify and decolor liquids, as a filler in paper and rubber, and as a base for cosmetics and medicines.

Packaging Options

Poly bottle


Nanoclay Powder TSCA (SARA Title III) Status: Listed. For further information, please call the EPA, Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention (OCSPP) at 202-564-2902. CAS Number: 1302-78-9

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