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Molybdenum Cellular Foam

Molybdenum Cellular Foam is available by CVD coating Reticulated Vitreous Carbon foam (RVC). CVD results from the chemical reaction of gaseous precursor(s) at a heated substrate to yield a fully dense deposit. The plant uses chemical Vapor Deposition to apply refractory metals and ceramics as thin coatings on various substrates (in this case, RVC foam) to produce freestanding thick-walled structures.

Original foam stocked in ~20x20x7” billets and specific sizes can be machined from stock. Specify the required size in the comments.

All foams are available in 10, 20, 30, 45, 65, 80, & 100 pores per inch (PPI).
Typical Applications

Molybdenum cellular foams are used in heat insulation applications.

Packaging Options

Typically to customer’s specifications



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