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Lead(II) Oxide (PbO) / Litharge

Litharge, a natural form of Lead(II) Oxide, sometimes referred to as Lead Monoxide, is a poisonous yellow or reddish-yellow solid. It is known to increase the refractive index and electrical resistivity of glass while decreasing the viscosity. It also increases the ability of the glass to absorb X-rays. In industrial ceramics, Litharge makes the materials more magnetically and electrically inert.

Purity: 99.0% to 99.999%
Typical Applications

Lead(II) Oxide is used extensively in making glass and industrial ceramic. Other applications include the vulcanization of rubber and the production of certain pigments and paints, and automobile batteries.

Packaging Options

25 kg. net per drums


Lead(II) Oxide TSCA (SARA Title III) Status: Listed. For further information, please call the E.P.A. at +1.202-554-1404.
Lead(II) Oxide CAS Number: 1317-36-8
Lead(II) Oxide RTECS Number: OG1750000
Lead(II) Oxide EINECS Number: 215-267-0

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