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Iron (III) Oxide (Fe₂O₃)

Iron (III) oxide (Fe₂O₃) is a synthetic reddish-brown hexagonal crystal that occurs in the mineral hematite and is sometimes referred to as ferric oxide. It is the principal ore of iron from which the metal and its alloys are produced. It is insoluble in water and dissolves in acids. Iron (III) oxide is low-cost, nontoxic, and environmentally friendly.

Various powder granulations are available down to submicron and nanoparticle sizing, and various grades are available between 98% and 99.999% purity.
Typical Applications

Iron (III) oxide is used in the production of iron, steel, and alloys. Another important application of Iron (II) oxide is as a pigment in paints, coatings (metals, steel, and rubber), ceramics, and colored concrete producing red, orange, and yellow colors. The nanopowder form of Iron (III) oxide is used in magnetic storage devices, magnetic resonance imaging, and in targeted drug delivery. It is a source of iron for nutrients and dietary supplements. It is used in coloring confectionery, fillings, and decorations for pastry products, cheese products, fish paste, pet foods, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical products.

It is used as a catalyst for many industrial oxidation reactions including carbon monoxide, reduction of nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide, photocatalytic splitting of water, Fischer-Tropsch synthesis of hydrocarbons, catalytic decomposition of industrial dyes, water-gas shift reactions, nucleation of diamonds, conversion of phenolic and other environmentally harmful aromatic compounds, dehydrogenation of ethylbenzene to styrene, and catalytic oxidations of various organic compounds.

Packaging Options

50 lb. bags, poly-lined fiber drums, and bulk bags


Iron (III) Oxide TSCA (SARA Title III) Status: Varies
Please contact the EPA Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention (OCSPP) at 202-564-2902.
Iron (III) Oxide CAS Number:1309-37-1

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