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Emery Abrasive Grain & Powder

Emerundum is a naturally occurring odorless mineral having its broadest use as an abrasive in polishing applications. A mixture of corundum (Aluminum Oxide) with an iron-bearing mineral and other trace impurities such as mullite, titania, silica, and magnesia.
Typical Chemical Analysis

Al₂O₃ = 58% Minimum
Fe₂O₃ = 25% Minimum
SiO₂ = 4%
TiO₂ = 3%
CaO = 2%
L.O.I. = 8%

Typical Physical Properties

Crystallography – Polycrystalline to amorphous, dense, fine-grained
Specific Gravity – 3.5 (ASTM C127)
Hardness – Moh’s Scale 8
Shape – Blocky with sharp edges

Typical Applications

Emery Abrasive is used in polishing applications, barrel finishing, pressure blasting, coated abrasives, tumbling and deburring media, lens grinding and lapidary work. It is also used for traction enhancement in concrete non-skid surfaces in conjunction with concrete or epoxy resins and other surfaces. Emery is also widely used in coated abrasives like emery cloth & emery paper. Other applications include flour mill stones, sandblasting, polishing stainless steel, deburring and descaling, and rice dehusking and polishing.

Packaging Options

50 lb. bags, poly-lined fiber drums, and bulk bags


Emery Abrasive Grain & Powder CAS Number: 12415-34-8

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