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Inorganic Materials

Inorganic materials do not contain carbon-hydrogen bonds, in contrast to organic materials. Inorganic materials comprise metals, metalloids, and non-metals and can have a wide range of properties, such as electrical conductivity, optical transparency, and mechanical strength. They are widely used in various industrial applications, such as construction materials, ceramics, semiconductors, and catalysts.

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Inorganic Materials Category Image


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Cubic Boron Nitride / CBN Superabrasive Powder
Cubic Boron Nitride / CBN Superabrasive Powder

Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) is second only to diamond in hardness. It has superior thermal and chemical stability making it ideal for high-temperature applications. Because of its unique hardness and toughness, CBN has great advantages for grinding and sawing end-uses. CBN is available in 99% purity and is optimized for resin-bond, metal-bond, vitrified bonds, and electroplated products.

Emery Abrasive Grain & Powder
Emery Abrasive Grain & Powder

Emerundum is a naturally occurring odorless mineral having its broadest use as an abrasive in polishing applications. A mixture of corundum (Aluminum Oxide) with an iron-bearing mineral and other trace impurities such as mullite, titania, silica, and magnesia.

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