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Bone Char

Bone Char is a granular material produced by charring bovine bones: the bones are heated to high temperatures (in the range of 400 to 500 °C), and a unique form of activated carbon is created. Bone char consists mainly of calcium phosphate (Ca₃(PO₄)₂), Calcium Carbonate (CaCO₃), and a small amount of carbon (~12%); however, the quality of the bone chars is controlled by the amount of oxygen present in the charring atmosphere.

Bone chars usually have a lower surface area than activated carbons but present high adsorptive capacities for copper, zinc, and cadmium. The carbonized material possesses great mechanical strength and improved adsorption of many chemicals, e.g., Fluorine, Chlorine, Lead, and many more.
Typical Product Analysis

NSF 61, Kosher, Halal

Typical Applications

Bone char is used as a filtration media and an effective adsorbent for use in potable water treatments, and other drinking water and food processes. It can be used in wastewater treatments and aquaculture. It also is a farm fertilizer
Bone Char is used in the sugar refining industry, where it is used to decolorize solvent sugar and remove other mineral impurities. It is also used to refine crude oil in the production of petroleum jelly.
Bone Black is used as a black pigment. It is sometimes used for artistic painting because it is the deepest available black.

Packaging Options

25 kg, 12 kg, or 5 kg packages. 1-ton bulk bags are also available.


Bone Char (Granular) TSCA (SARA Title III) Status: Listed. An organic product. For further information, please call the E.P.A. Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention (OCSPP) at 202-564-2902
Bone Char (Granular) CAS Number: 98615-67-9

Additional Safety Information:
•ISSN Number 0099-6025

Sustainable Qualities

Bone Char, also known as bone black, is a porous black Carbon material produced by heating bones in the absence of oxygen. As a sustainable material, Bone Char is bio-based and organic, as it is made from the waste product of animal bones that would otherwise be discarded. The production of Bone Char is a byproduct of the meat industry and provides a valuable use for a waste product, reducing the environmental impact of the meat industry.

Using Bone Char as a filter media contributes to a circular economy by extending the useful life of a waste product and reducing the need for synthetic filter materials. In addition, Bone Char is considered to contribute to a circular economy because it can be used as a natural filter media for water treatment and soil remediation applications. Its high surface area and adsorptive properties make it effective in removing impurities such as heavy metals and organic contaminants from water and soil, providing a sustainable and natural alternative to synthetic filter materials.

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