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This coal slag quickly cuts through surfaces faster than other abrasives while being environmentally friendly and leaving minimal dust with low free silica attributes (contains less than .01% free silica). BLACK BEAUTY® Abrasive black boiler slag is a highly effective blasting medium with a lower cost, making it a more economical option. BLACK BEAUTY® abrasive raw materials are sourced from stringent sources that meet environmental standards, including the most stringent abrasive specifications in the market. The fine and extra fine grades of BLACK BEAUTY® abrasive are military QPL approved to specification MIL-A-22262B(SH).
Typical Chemical Analysis

Silicon Dioxide = 48.78%
Aluminum Oxide = 20.97%
Ferric Oxide = 19.08%
Calcium Oxide = 6.02%
Potassium Oxide = 1.67%
Titanium Dioxide = 0.94%
Magnesium Oxide = 0.90%
Sodium Oxide = 0.62%

Typical Physical Properties

Free Silica – less than 0.1%
Particle Shape – angular, sharp
Hardness – 6 to 7 on the Moh’s scale
Bulk Density – 75-100 lbs per cubic ft
Specific Gravity – 2.73
Moisture Content – less than 0.5%

Typical Applications

MEDIUM: Used for general purpose repair and maintenance blasting including removal of paint, rust, mill scale, and other coatings from surfaces. The minimum suggested nozzle size of 1/4″ and, under standard blasting conditions, will achieve a 3.0-4.8 Mil profile.

FINE: Utilized for new construction, light paint and rust removal, and special maintenance applications requiring reduced profiles. The minimum suggested nozzle size of 3/16” under standard blasting conditions will achieve a 2.0-3.8 Mil profile.

EXTRA FINE: Applicable for light blasting requiring a clean surface and minimum anchor profile, including brush-off or high-pressure water blast systems. The minimum suggested nozzle size of 1/8” under standard blasting conditions will achieve a 1.0-2.6 Mil profile.

ELITE: If your project requires a specialized or superior blasting abrasive, we can fine-tune your BLACK BEAUTY® blasting media to custom gradations.

MILITARY SPECIFICATION MIL-A-22262B(SH): Military specification, the non-metallic abrasive formulation used in the blast cleaning of metal surfaces and glass-reinforced plastic surfaces.

Packaging Options

50lb bags/60 bags per pallet
100 lb bags/30 bags per pallet
JUMBO bags/loaded up to 2 tons/4,000 lbs
Also available in bulk


BLACK BEAUTY® Abrasive TSCA (SARA Title III) Status: Listed. For further information, please call the E.P.A. Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention (OCSPP) at 202-564-2902

CAS Number: 7631-86-9= Silicon Dioxide (SiO₂)

BLACK BEAUTY® passes California Title 17 for low dusting (CARB) (select plants), SSPC AB-1, 40CFR 261.24a (TCLP) and is also military QPL approved at select plants: MIL-A-22262B(SH). Contact READE to obtain the QPL certification.

Sustainable Qualities

Black Beauty is a type of recycled coal slag abrasive material used in sandblasting and surface preparation applications. It is considered sustainable because it is made from recycled materials that would otherwise end up in landfills. By using Black Beauty, waste is diverted from landfills, and the energy and resources needed to mine and process new materials are conserved. Additionally, Black Beauty can be reused multiple times, reducing the need for new abrasive materials and further contributing to a circular economy.

In terms of its environmental impact, Black Beauty produces less dust and waste compared to other abrasive materials, reducing the potential for air and water pollution. This makes it a more eco-friendly option for surface preparation and blasting applications. Overall, using Black Beauty as an abrasive material helps promote sustainable practices in the industry by reducing waste, conserving resources, and minimizing environmental impact.

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