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Product Spotlight: Meet Ferro-Tic, Steel-Bonded Titanium Carbide Materials for Maximum Wear Environments

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Ferro Tic

This blog post is part of our new Product Spotlight Series designed to showcase a Reade Advanced Materials’ material, share the applications of the product, and highlight the benefits of this unique material.

Ferro-TiC® Steel-Bonded titanium carbide (TiC) materials are made by advanced powder metallurgy technologies. The spherical, fine-grain titanium carbides are uniformly distributed through a hardenable metal matrix which are bonded together through a hot isostatic pressing process to create extremely hard, dense, wear resistant materials.  They are available in seven grades, C and CM being the most popular. C Grade is a general purpose grade that is easily machinable and capable of being hardened up to 70 HRC. CM is comprised of titanium carbide in a matrix of high-chromium tool steel. It is machinable and heat treatable by conventional means and is recommended for heavy stamping or forming tools and wear-resistant components, or where elevated operating temperatures are encountered.

Typical applications include industrial knives; forming and cutting tools; draw dies; stamping dies; extrusion dies; gages; etc.  Ferro-Tic® alloys have outstanding properties to withstand the wear caused by corrosion and abrasion. They increase the lifetime of parts and increase productivity via their superior wear resistance.

Ferro-TiC® is a registered trademark of Ferro-Tic Inc. Read more about the various physical characteristics, parts available, and applications here. Contact READE today to discuss your specifications to ensure that your component is manufactured specifically for your application using the proper alloy. 


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