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You Asked, We Answered

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Honoring Reade’s family legacy of quality and customer-centric values drives our vision to be one of the country’s leading specialty chemical solids distributors. We work tirelessly for our customers, employees, and vendors. With this sentiment, we want to be transparent and equip our customers with all the information they need to best partner with us.

Below is a compiled list of responses to some of the most commonly asked questions about Reade Advanced Materials, services, and partnerships to provide additional information and clarity to our prospects and customers.


  1. Do you have any material in stock?

    While Reade is a non-stocking distributor, many of our plants have the material in stock. For most in-stock materials, orders can be packed and ready to ship in 2 weeks or less. Please consult with your Account Manager to discuss the specific material in question.
  2. Where are your materials sourced?

    We source our materials from manufacturers all across the globe for our customers. If a particular country of origin is a requirement for your production needs or quality control, Certificate of Origin (CO) can be supplied with orders. Discuss this with your Account Manager from the initial trial and/or quoting stage of purchasing.
  3. Do you offer free samples?

    While Reade does its best to reduce costs during the trial stage for customers, there are raw material and production costs that must be considered. Free samples are accounted for on a case-by-case basis.

  4. Do you warehouse material and provide logistic services?

    Of course! Reade’s customer service team has 60+ years of combined experience and can handle any type of shipment from LTL to bulk containers as well as proximity warehousing.
  5. Do you offer custom labeling services?

    Absolutely. Our in-house design team can create a custom label that can be adhered to the outside of pails, drums, or packaging per your requirements.
  6. What analytical services do you offer?

    Reade supplies a Certificate of Analysis (COA) and a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) with each order. We can also offer additional chemical analysis testing, metallurgical testing, surface analysis, particle size distribution analysis, scanning electron microscope, and many more at reputable, nationally ranked laboratories.

  7. Do you partner with universities?

    Yes! Reade is proud to partner with universities across the globe to advance research projects and product development. Currently, Reade sells material to over 100 academic institutions across the world in addition to national labs. Reach out to our Director of Sales to discuss your research project requirements and potential sponsorships.
  8. We’re looking for repeat orders. Do you offer long-term contracts?

    Yes! With firm order quantities and delivery schedules supplied, Reade can handle the warehousing and timely shipments of your material. This will help you cut down on lead time and get the material exactly when needed. It may also reduce your overall cost by ordering in bulk and thus eliminating the spot price fluctuations.

    At Reade, we strive to make information and answers easy to find for our prospects and customers. If you don’t see an answer you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. For more information on Reade’s advanced materials and services Contact Us


Reade Advanced Materials is a 100 year-old plus metal powder supplier and represents over 2,000 manufacturers worldwide with a diverse inorganic product line. READE also offers toll processing and packaging services for metal powders from three facilities in The Americas. As your metal powder supplier, READE offers one of the largest portfolios of specialty chemical solids. The materials are available in an extensive range of forms including sheet, foil, film, lump, powder, rod, wire, and tube.


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Elisabeth Law, +1-401-433-7000